Green tea & black sesame noodle bowl cake


Where is the green tea and black sesame? – you might ask! Trust me, it is hidden under this noodle bowl cake 🙂

Another fun weekend with baking a noodle bowl cake. As I am baking for my sister’s birthday, and she is obsessed with anything fermented fish soup,why not make her a fermented fish noodle bowl? 🙂 I gave good thinking about what materials I should use to make the bowl. Fondant was a good choice as it firms up nicely. However, I wanted to make green tea and black sesame mousse cake with green tea sponge, therefore the cake needs to be refrigerated. I heard fondant and the fridge don’t really get along, so I tried to make a bowl with buttercream instead. The idea was great as I managed to make perfect looking buttercream bowl. Then disaster struck – at 11 pm – my bowl shattered sending fragments to the floor after I pour the green tea mousse in. Noooo…… That was what was all in my mind at the time. Think fast. My plan failed. I needed plan B…. on the spot. I had to assemble the cake into another container, then worry about the bowl later as the mousse will set pretty soon.

Well, after I had my cake done (green tea sponge, green tea mousse, black sesame mousse, green tea sponge, green tea mousse), then I gave it a new bowl  – made of fondant – back to square one. Once the drama passed, the fun began: decorating the cake top with noodles, prawns, squid, fish, trying-to-be-crackle pork, chilli, mint leaves, lemon wedge, bean sprout, chives and “soup”. Oh, of course you can’t eat noodle soup without chopsticks and spoon 🙂


Here is the 2 pieces of fondant squids.


Made some green chives of fondant.


My bean sprout with the bean still attached on top 🙂 This came out surprisingly realistic.


Mint leaves that I made by pressing fondant on real mint leaves to create all the veins then painted them green.


My lemon/lime wedge, chilli, spoon and chopsticks are drying.


The mint leaves really sooth the overall dark colours of the whole “noodle bowl”.



The buttercream noodle strands are partially covered by the “soup”. It’s all too familiar 🙂



Top view of the bowl.



Managed to did a little decoration to my fondant bowl, prettying it up with some colour.



Happy birthday sister 🙂


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