3D Minion cake


I was excited to make this 3D Minion cake. I know Minion is an old thing now, it’s been around for ages, but making a cake of this adorable character is still very, very enjoyable.

First, I baked 4 times of my sponge recipes to give me 3 cakes and a dome. So glad that I decided to put ’em all in the oven and crossing my everything for them to rise and bake evenly with all the heat spots in my oven. Yes, very glad I did that because the cakes turned out well and saved me half the time sitting staring at it. Now I know my oven is happy to take 4 cake tins at once 😉

The sponges are cut in halves, except the dome, and I used coffee buttercream in between them and also to cover the cakes. After good amount of chilling time, on goes the yellow fondant then smooth, smooth, smooth… cut off the extra edges to achieve Minion “body” (as the picture below).

progress pic

After this, the rest is fun. I said fun because to do the features were soooo enjoyable, but don’t get me wrong, these features took a long time (because I am a home baker ^.^) Look at how many different features need to go on to the “body”?

  •  For the overall: 1 long blue strip, 2 rectangles,  2 straps, 1 front pocket, 4 black buttons
  • Shoes
  • Hands
  • Peeled banana to go on one of the hand
  • 3 whole bananas (ok, they aren’t very banana-looking)
  • Mouth – black trip
  • Tongue
  • Eyes
  • Glasses + black strap
  • Hair (8 to be exact LOL)



I made a blue strip to go all the way around the base to form his “overall”. This then needs to rectangles to go on front and back as well as the straps to finish the top part of the overall. Of courses I ran “double stitches” on all the edges  – uh oh- as I am typing this and looking at the picture – I realize that I forgot the stitches elsewhere, can you spot that? *.*


Side view


Can you see the “pocket”?


A close-up of his huge eyes.


Front view.


See the cracks on the shoes? I thought they would make the shoes look more realistic so I left them on 🙂


Back view.


Another side view.


Top view. I find the hair hilarious 😀 – 8 strands of hair!


I had fun doing the cake. I hope the birthday girl had fun with her favourite character for a birthday cake! 🙂


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