Durian Cream Sponge Cake


This delicious birthday cake is made to collectively celebrate August birthdays (there were 6 birthday girls and boys) – I’m a little slow in posting the pictures 🙂

Warning durian lovers: this cake is addictive (tasted and tested ^.^)

Warning non-durian lovers: you really gonna HATE this!!! 🙂

The reason being I used durian flesh, a lot of durian flesh to enrich the flavour. The end result? So fragrant, so strong the flavour 🙂 My verdict? Yum!!! I love durian so… the more the better. I think I’m already an addict ^.^





The cake base is my all time favourite, soft sponge layers. I mixed durian flesh with whipped cream and add this in between the sponge layers, then cover cake with just freshly whipped cream. I was free to decorate the cake as I like. Since there are 6 birthdays names, instead of just listing the names in a row, I thought it would be nice to incorporate the names inside sunflowers, and this decor would brighten up the whole cake.

The flowers are piped from buttercream (I was tempted to add durian to make the yellow of the flower – I refrained myself). I filled the flower centres with dark chocolate and write names with their respective birthdays with white chocolate. I struggled to fit some of the names, and my writing skill needs… BIG improvement!


The borders are decorated with buttercream “grass” and small flowers. I tried to add colour to the borders to make more colourful background for the “grass”. It is somewhat visible at the back 🙂

I was told out of the six birthdays, one of them is a little girl, hence I made this fondant little girl holding an icecream for her, Patty.




I’m very happy that everyone liked the cake decorations and more importantly, they liked its taste! They must be loyal durian fans after all.



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