Piggy Macaron with Strawberry Buttercream


While making some Peppa pig macarons, I had some left over batter. I thought trying some regular piggy face would be cute too, especially in pink. After all, I recalled lots of piggies from various cartoons are pink, right?

As I just decided to try these while having a batch of Peppa pig macarons going, I had no plan for a template, nor how the facial features should look. I knew I wanted a round face with nose and smiling eyes would be nice.

Thus, I piped round circles for the face, added 2 smaller circles on top left and right for the ears. For the nose, I used 1 teaspoon of the batter, added more red colour to create a darker pink shade. Once I’ve got that, I piped an oval shape for the nose in the centre of the face and also added an overlay of this darker pink batter on top of the lighter pink ears already piped earlier. I used a toothpick to drag out the tips of the ears, making them pointy.

After the shells were baked, I drew on black eyes and pink nose and mouth with coloured icing.

They are cute after all, despite one broken ear on the left piggy. Despite other cute characters I had tried with macarons, I am very proud of these piggies and in a slightly different way: I created them. I am so glad to have come up with this without browsing through the internet for piggy pictures 🙂 Yay for originality! (Ok, they are still “generic”- looking piggies, but oh,,, my babies ^.^)





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