Creme Brulee


As I mentioned in my last blog of the Chewy Caramel Candy, I also made creme brulee on the same day because I had so much thick cream left over and need to use them up. And a simple way to do that too!

With just cream, eggs and sugar, you can make this dessert in no time. The process is very similar to making a caramel flan, but use cream in place of milk. Some recipes call for a mixture of milk and cream, and I noticed the ratio of egg yolk to total liquid (whether cream only or cream plus milk) is different, although slightly, from one recipe to another. I guess, the higher egg yolk to total liquid ratio will give a firmer set creme brulee. The sugar amount, of course can be adjusted to your personal preference, and for me, I wouldn’t want to make the creme too sweet as there still is that must-have crunchy caramelized sugar added on top before serving.


  • 500mL thick cream (I used one with at least 37% fat content)
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 50-100g castor sugar, plus extra to caramelize
  • 1tsp vanilla extract


  1. Prepare 5 ramekins placed in a baking tray
  2. Preheat oven to 150 degrees Celcius
  3. Whisk the egg yolks with sugar until paler in colour
  4. Meanwhile, heat the cream over medium heat until it just start to bubble around the edges, add vanilla extract and take off heat.
  5. Slowly pour the warm cream into the egg mixture, adding a little at a time while whisking to ensure good incorporation of the cream without scrambling the eggs.
  6. Transfer the egg and cream mixture into another container through a sieve to remove any lumpy bits or accidentally cooked eggs for a smooth creme in the end. A measuring jar would be good as it helps in pouring it into individual ramekins. Divide the mixture evenly among the ramekins. If you use larger ramekins, simply add more creme mixture per each but keep them even for similar baking time.
  7. Boil a kettle of water and add boiled water up to half the height of the ramekins
  8. Put in oven and bake for 50 minutes or until done. Creme brulee will become a lot firmer after refrigeration, so we only need to bake them until they just jiggle a little in the middle, the sides seem firm when we wiggle the baking tray.
  9. Once done, refrigerate overnight.
  10. Before serving, sprinkle a thin layer of sugar on the surface of the creme brulee. You can till the ramekin to allow even spreading of the sugar. Use a blow torch and caramelize this layer of sugar. Hold the blow torch at a distance from the surface of the creme brulee as you don’t want to place it directly on the sugar and burn it. Move the torch around the entire surface and caramelize the sugar to your liking. Just don’t burn it 🙂
  11. Finally, now is the moment to tap, tap and crack that caramelized sugar to dive into a pot of rich creaminess beneath.


20150715_ready to bake

Ready to bake1


After baking, sprinkle and thin sugar layer and fire away!

20150716_sugar on top

It caramelized nicely. I should have done a little more around the edges.


Now the other one too.


Tap, Tap, Crack! Enjoy!


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