Teddy Bear Macaron with Black Sesame Buttercream

teddy bears

Another character that I tried to bake with my macarons.  I named it Teddy Bear, very creative I know 🙂 Looking at it makes me think of Koalas somehow, possibly the grey colour touches remind me of the grey fur on our cute Koalas. Maybe I should try that too. Another bake then. Let’s take it one character at a time.

My Teddy Bear is made with ground roasted black sesame seeds added to the almond and icing sugar mix. For one standard batter portion (recipe here), I had added about 3 tablespoons of ground black sesame. Be careful to subtract this away from the total weight of almond meal to keep the recipe consistent. The black sesame seeds can be seen scattered throughout the cookie after baked thoroughly as well as giving the overall grey colour. They smell amazing, I might be biased here as I personally LOVE the taste and fragrance of black sesame. I might try to experiment with a higher proportion of black sesame and see if I can use mostly just black sesame to make this.

As with other macaron characters, a template is always useful when consistency in shape and size are sought after. Put a tablespoon of the done batter aside, add one drop (or less) of black colouring, aiming for a darker shade than the grey of the remaining batter. Once that’s done, put it into another piping bag with smaller nozzle (about 0.5cm wide), this is for piping the ears, eyes, mouth and nose. I made a makeshift paper cone and snipped off the end to similar opening size. Judging from the Teddy Bear features at the end, smaller than 0.5cm might work nicer for this. Then, put the rest of the batter into a piping bag with a larger nozzle (about 1cm wide is good) and pipe away onto the template to make oval-round face. Place a drop on each side for the ears. Tap the baking tray onto the bench to release air bubbles and this also helped smoothing out face and ears. Now pipe on the darker shade of grey batter on top of ear, slightly towards the lower 2/3 of the ear. Pipe on eyes and mouth and nose.

Bake as usual with other macarons and enjoy the aroma from your oven 🙂 black sesame 🙂

Of course a few tablespoons of black sesame spread-out over lots of macarons does not give me enough black sesame-ness 🙂 I need to load more black sesame onto these macarons. Once way left for me to do that is  put it in the buttercream filling! Simply grind/blend some more black sesame and mix it through with the buttercream (don’t guess how much I added ^.^). Although, if you are just after a mild flavour, by all means add less, or leave it out all together. There is enough in the shells for the hint of its presence.

I hope you enjoy these black sesame macarons as much as I do.


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