Miffy Macaron with Coffee Buttercream filling

miffy 1


This is another adorable cartoon character: Miffy. It looked quite simple to try for a macaron. Round face. Pointy ears. Draw on eyes and mouth with black royal icing and there, there’s Miffy.

What I found tricky was piping the ears. It looked so simple and yet my first few Miffy had fused ears 🙂 The reason is that I was lazyyyy. I used the same tip to pipe the face and the ears. So, as you would probably have guessed, my Miffy ears were “fat”, became too close together and … joined (see the picture below?) Not very rabbit-like ears at all.

Miffy ears take two:

This time I knew better and used a smaller tip to pipe the ears. Immediate improvement (top picture). They may not be the best ears around but the shape is definitely there, distinct long ears, SEPARATE from each other ^.^ and no longer expand to be as big as the size of the face. Quickly draw on the simple facial features and Miffy is already looking adorable! Fill them with buttercream flavoured to your liking and enjoy!

Basic macaron recipe is here.




miffy side




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