Peppa Pig and Friends Macarons

peppa pig

How cute does that look! Peppa Pig macaron!

I can go on about the cuteness of this without a worry about going overboard with your very own post, because the original idea wasn’t mine. We were talking about how popular Peppa pig and other cartoon characters got lately on all kinds of merchandise, especially on Peppa pig cookies in bakeries. That made me thought about making cartoon macarons. I did a quick search on internet and came across lovingcreations4you and saw Peppa pig macarons as well as other super cute creations from Phay Sing. It has been done already proving the feasibility of the ideas. Macarons are already cute, how much cuter would they be taking on shapes of popular cartoon characters? The picture above speaks for itself 🙂

If you have successfully tamed the regular macarons, this is the next step. The basic macaron recipe can be found here.

I printed a Peppa pig template from the internet, such that I ended up having about 20 Peppa Pigs on one A4 sheet of paper. I did similar for any other characters I wanted to make. This batch, although first try at characters macarons, I decided to do the set of Peppa pig and Friends because it looked irresistible from lovingcreations4you. That means I have to prepare 4 kinds of batter as well as the little portions to add on the features for each character including Peppa pig, Pedro pony, Candy cat and Suzie sheep.

I halved my original recipe for each batter colour:

57g almond meal + 115g icing sugar blended and sifted

72g egg whites + 36g castor sugar + pinch of salt. Whisk till stiff peak and add 0.5 tsp vanilla extract and colour gel and whisk briefly on high speed to incorporate.

Note: I don’t add vanilla extract if I am to add flavouring into shells such as green tea, cocoa powder, coffee powder and black sesame.

Pedro: coffee batter. Add 2g of blended coffee powder into dry ingredient mixture to give brown batter

  • spots: 1 tbsp of brown batter + 1 tbsp of white batter from Suzie sheep to make light brown batter for spots
  • nose: use dark pink batter from Peppa pig’s nose batter

Suzie sheep: white batter

  • nose: use dark pink batter from Peppa pig’s dark pink batter
  • cheek: use pink batter from Peppa pig’s body
  • ears: put some white batter into a paper piping bag and cut small opening to pipe ears

Candy cat: add 1 drop yellow/orange gel colour at the end stage of meringue

  • cheek: 1 tbsp of yellow batter + 1 drop of yellow colour to make dark yellow batter
  • ears: use tooth picks to pull out batter into pointy ear shapes

Peppa pig: add 1 drop red gel colour at the end stage of meringue to make pink batter.

  • Put 2 tbsps into a paper piping bag and cut small opening to pipe on the ears.
  • Cheek: 1tbsp of pink batter + 1 more drop of red gel = dark pink batter

As I am making macarons using the French method, I can’t add colour into the dry ingredients but into the meringues. This would be more fiddling compared to using Italian meringue method where the almond meal and icing sugar will be wet with some of the egg whites and colour then can be added before adding the meringues. Having said that, you can still combine the egg whites that are to be used for coloured batter with dry natural powdered colours such as coffee, green tea… as long as the colour is in powder form. This would actually make things easier.

Proceed with baking as per normal. Once cooled, the facial features like eyes and mouths, candy cat’s nose and whiskers can be drawn on using royal icing. Let the shells dry and fill with different flavours of buttercream.


suzie sheep

Suzie sheep


candy cat

candy cat


peppa pig and friends1

Set of Peppa pig and Friends


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