Deco Roll Cake

Strawberry 4

Swiss rolls make a great light dessert on their own, or with a dollop of whipped cream on top. The already good-tasting swiss rolls has been elevated by Junko, a Japanese food blogger, by making them not only tasty but also pretty with all her creative decorations. Desserts are meant to be enjoyed and bring happiness to those who did (well, at least in my case ^.^). Then I guess you can’t go wrong with a delicious and beautiful roll cake, can you?

Junko has published 2 books on deco roll cakes (as it is referred to by many Japanese bakers or those who adopted her recipes and methods). I believe the books are also available in English, I am aiming to get them one day 🙂 Fortunately for me, I found the “translated” version of Junko’s deco roll cake recipe from cake-geek who of course tried and tested this recipe with great success. Check out their Strawberry roll cake here:

I was more than happy to try it and very happy that I did. The cake was super light. Lighter then the version I made previously (on my painted swiss roll post). With this chiffon-like recipe, you’ll never have to worry about breaking the cake while rolling it. It can be rolled cooled. Yes! No more worrying and hurrying to roll the cake while it’s warm, wait for it to cool then fill and roll again. You can totally leave it to cool completely, take your time, and roll it after it’s cooled.

Since I am trying for the first time, I decided to stick to the strawberry pattern to avoid too much fiddling. But after this one, the possibilities are endless, it can only be limited by your imagination 🙂 As stated on cake-geek, the strawberry pattern was not hard to make. I piped some pink batter resembling a strawberry, a triangle looking blob, bake briefly, then poured on the rest of the batter to bake. The seeds and stems are drawn on after with cocoa and green tea powder dissolved in just a little bit of hot water respectively.

Strawberry 1

The filling is whipped cream with lemon curd. Whipped cream is the standard filling for this type of cakes and is usually paired with assorted fresh fruits. Other common fillings include fruit jam or chocolate cream/ganach. I added lemon curd in the center as I had some on hand and I loved the taste of this combination. The hint of sour from the lemon made me  coming back for seconds and spared the cake from being too sweet overall. This is personal preference though, as I still think is roll cake is not too sweet for many anyway.

Strawberry 2


Strawberry 3Enjoy!


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