Birthday Cake with Meringue Mushrooms



This is my very first birthday cake done as per a request (but it is actually the second request, it just got done earlier in time). The final cake size is 48cm long x 33cm wide and 7.5cm height. Yes, it is a very BIG cake and so heavy I could barely lift to move it around, luckily I got some help 😉 This particular dimension is the result of trying to accommodate 120 servings of 7.5cm by 4cm pieces of cakes. I had to adapt according to my baking pan size, multiply the standard single recipe by 12 and divided into 4 batches of bakes. The request came through on Friday for this cake to be picked up the Wednesday morning of the following week. It was one busy baking weekend for me. I had to trial some recipes for butter cake as I have never done one before. Thank goodness, the second recipe I found from Savoury Days worked like magic and I am so grateful for it really saved me a lot of time and work. I spent one whole day for test-baking (fortunately I only needed 2 tests) and actual baking for the cake. I learnt quite a lot from this one day. Firstly the creaming method, which I think I had only tried once ever . Then, as I did one batch after another, I got more familiar with this method, and finally confidently feeling like “I’ve got the hang of it”.

I am quite happy with the cake in the end. Moist soft butter cream cakes sandwiched together by swiss buttercream with simple vanilla flavours for both. I was planning to use French buttercream for a richer taste, but I had a lot of egg whites left, so, Swiss buttercream it is. Also, I thought the Swiss buttercream would be better for decorations too.

The recipe for the butter cake is from here:

However, Savoury Days made cupcakes using this recipe, so I had to test and adjust baking time to suit my rectangular “slab”.

The recipe for Swiss buttercream is from here:


The cake was covered in yellow buttercream. The text, logo and all flowers & “grass” are made of fondant. Mushrooms are made from meringues.   11013368_471651592998793_1782575107619348315_n

I added some buttercream “stems” and fondant flowers on 3 sides of the cake.


The front of the cake had a row of buttercream roses in purple and mild orangy-pink colours. I lost my flower nail so I ended up piping my roses on the back of a teaspoon 😉





I only made a few of the smaller mushroom. I cut them to different heights and put them together in this little corner. I should have made a few more to scatter among the larger mushrooms.






I was very nervous to know what the reaction would be to my cake in regards to both taste and its look. It was well received after all. I was told everyone liked it and the person who requested for this cake texted me “It’s very beautiful… yummy…” I was relieved and very happy, feeling all the hard work was worth it!   11107742_471651612998791_550775213384903026_n


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