Painted Swiss roll/Bánh Bông Lan Cuộn

I have always wanted to try and make these cotton-soft, fluffy swiss rolls but was very reluctant due to its challenging nature. The base is chiffon sponge cake, a type of foam cake that relies on the airation from whipped egg white to rise, and as with all sponge cakes, no rising agents were needed, just pure airation.

I then stumbled upon Savourydays which described in details the characteristics of foam cakes, chiffon inclusive, and the seemingly endless variations that can be created using this as base. Your imagination is the limit. There is also a discussion on the difficulties usually presented and tips to overcome them.

Here is the link to Savourydays:

Armed with this information and other websites, I picked a swiss roll recipe to try and the link is here:

My first attempt turned out not so great! The reason for that  is the floral pattern drawn on the cake. I took too long doing it and my cake batter was sitting and deflating somewhat, cutting back the rise. Still tasted good, surprisingly good. Despite its low rise, the roll was still so light and moist, the white chocolate cream filling was delicious with coconut on top.




Then I tested the recipe again as it is, no fancy pattern this time to see how high it can rise. It definitely turned out better than the one above. It may not look so, but this roll is almost twice as big as the previous one, and no, not because of the cream filling. One thing for certain, as the second attempt’s cake had risen better, it is more light, more fluffy than the first cake. It has an almost melt-in-the mouth texture and it very very soft and smooth. This is by far the lightest sponge I have ever made .



Still in love with the decorations, instead of simply done with fresh cream topped with piped chocolates, I experimented painting this roll with chocolate piped directly onto it – free hand drawing, actually free hand piping. The result, I think, not too bad 🙂 I am rather excited with the outcome and already thinking of what other patterns I can try next.




Pity, the only pictures I have showcasing the whole floral decorations were but taken with shaky hands…..





painted roll cake






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